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Duggy - The Smile in the Sky!

The Duggy Dream Team's mission is to help make kids dreams come true.
Duggy started out as a simple dream.  As a young boy, age 11, Mitch Carley had a dream of flying around in a plane named Duggy.   Mitch never lost this dream and was fortunate enough to have met the right people to make Duggy become a real "Dream-Machine" and symbol.   A team was born and so was the real-Duggy. 

The Duggy Dream Team realized they should share this 
dream...and teach kids all around the world how the simple dream of Duggy became real.

EMMY NOMINATED FOR CONCEPT & WRITING - Proven and ready to exploit!

Streaming All-Aviation Network - Everything Aviation Every Day...worldwide!

For only $3.95 USD a month you get original-programming, noteworthy-content that’s free-elsewhere and classics that are new to you and, no-contracts, no-apps.  If it flies it’s here – from Ballooning to Space…let’s play in the sky. is Powered by: AWS and on (Blockchain VOD Network), ROKU, Amazon FireTV Channel, & more soon…


Duggy - The Smile in the Sky.

The world-famous DC3 - and his multiple EMMY Nominated

brand, The Duggy Dream Team Show is poised to take the world by spreading the inspirational 'Dream It, Team It & Work It', mantra.  Exclusively join Duggy and all his friends on the streaming Everything Aviation Every Day...Worldwide!  Watch over 250 Shows now streaming at is Powered by: AWS and on (Blockchain VOD Network), ROKU, Amazon FireTV Channel, & more soon…



ImAir's facts will only grow

Duggy's involvement in growing...

a cradle to grave strategy. is created for aviation fans worldwide. is currently a commercial-free Subscription Video On Demand service that is a targeted at the 18M +/- core annual audience members of Airshows in the US alone (Source: FAA).

  That audience is equal to the Pro-Football attendance and it is 3x +/- that of the attending Stock-Car audience.

This passionate group is just as active globally - is poised to become your favorite-brand for fresh, relevant, entertaining and informative content. streams on over 81+M ROKU and FireTV devices combined.  Join now at



ImAir's mission & Duggy's 

can be provided on request.

As a preview it is to...Pay-forward & more... 

ImAir's core is being developed, performed and directed by those-in-the-business.  We are bringing you real-stories with real-people - not fabricated or managed and decided by a ROI-driven committee.

  If it flies and it has the DNA of the Stars 'they' very well might become a part of this never before collection of aviation-Stars...lets us know.

  The Mission beyond the stated, is to create a place where we all can gather, share and offer opportunities in aviation to others who have the passion but not the ability.


Please visit www.imaiR.TV for a sizzle-reel and more...